How Oklahoma OL quarterback Michael Fasusi went from football player to 5-star high school recruit

How Oklahoma OL quarterback Michael Fasusi went from football player to 5-star high school recruit. Players at home.

Five-star forward Michael Fasusi, who moved to America from Nigeria in high school, never wanted to play football.
After telling his high school coaches he was playing football, Fasusi was surprised to find himself on a field full of players on the field.
Despite not playing football until high school, the 6-foot-5, 300-pounder quickly developed into an offensive tackle, saying his football background helped him develop his footwork in the trenches.

They forced me (to play football). When I was an 8th grader I was asked, ‘What do you want to play?’ Because I’m a big boy. I wanted to play football, but the coach said, “Okay, follow me. So I follow him and the next thing I know...we’re off to the soccer field. I thought we were going to play football, but I noticed everyone was wearing pillows. Fasusi told AllSooners.

At first it seems strange, but with soccer feet it’s already there. Creating a tool is easy. Playing left handed and right handed. The footwork is already there. I was born with footwork.
Fasusi is now ranked as the No. 11 overall player and No. 3 offensive tackle in the recruiting class of 2025. His combination of impressive size, footwork and strength at linebacker, more than 35 scholarship offers from schools all over the world. the country

  But at the top of Fasusi’s list are the Oklahoma Sooners.
Bill Bedenbaugh and his history of putting offensive linemen in the NFL had Fasusi in mind.
Fasusi joined Norman early as former teammate Jaydan Hardy was starting his first season with the Sooners soccer team

   OU is probably at the top of every school right now. Fasusi spoke with AllSooners on Tuesday. andquot;the relationship with Coach Bedenbaugh, what there is, basically.andquot;
Fasusi said Bedenbaughand’s popularity and track record are significant, adding that the longtime coach plans to make a stop in Lewisville on Tuesday to visit.

   Fighting Farmers head coach Michael Odle has a good relationship with Brent Venables and company, saying he had a chance to meet the Oklahoma staff in Norman and Lewisville.

Odle and Fasusi stated that one of the goals of an aggressive leader during the season is to develop as a leader in the locker room. As a young player who hasn’t played as much football as his peers, Fasusi led by example.
But as he heads into his senior season, Odle hopes his ambition to become a vocal leader can be fulfilled again.

   Weand challenged him to take a leadership role, to be more vocal, and he did. Odle told AllSooners.

Heand encourages young players and holds them accountable. If it doesn’t meet our standards, Heand does. ... I think he has adapted better to his friends here, to our culture, to our language, all of that has come out of his shell to be the leader we want him to be.

   Peasant Struggle The word from the head coach is “push”. When I met him, he was a freshman, new to the United States and learning soccer.
But now Odle says Fasusiand’s athleticism, great technique and personality have helped make him one of the best offensive linemen in the country.

   With his rare combination of strength, speed and athleticism, Heand is a true champion. Also, he has a high IQ, a high work ethic, and is a fun-loving kid who would love to be a teacher. Odle told AllSooners.
“When you go from an elite player to an elite player, the bar just goes up.
That’s why we’re with him. But it was great to see him grow.

    Odle said Fasusi has grown in every way since arriving at Lewisville High School, adding that the 6-foot-5 tight end has truly embraced the hard work and dedication that is required to achieve five-stars. and reach the highest. levels School football player.
equot;You’re talking about a skinny 8th or 9th grade kid who doesn’t know the game of football.
You know, when I first came to America, soccer was the main sport. That was his brother’s game. Odle said.

So you’ve seen a lot of growth. He was a very good leader, bright, energetic, hardworking, loved work and the game, and then this boy did not know the game. And that means he has a lot of power from God to do it.
While Oklahoma is Fasusi’s top school, Bedenbaugh and the Sooners still have to overcome some big-name programs to land the five-star prospect.

Fasusi told AllSooners that he is also interested in Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas, Oregon and Florida and plans to visit the aforementioned schools.
Still, OU is well positioned for Lewisville, and if they can finish the season strong, they should have a good shot at landing Fasusi in the 2025 class.

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