Domingo German Seeking revenge after off-field struggles

Pitcher became free agent after being released by New York Yankees. 

   Looking for life and a return to the MLB, former New York Yankees outfielder Domingo German is pushing for a major league contract this offseason.
Despite off-field issues in recent years, the 31-year-old right-hander is in talks with six teams, including the AL East rival Blue Jays and Orioles.

The German should sign with an MLB team.
German, a free agent after going unclaimed by the Yankees last November, has completed the required portion of the rehabilitation program following a concussion sustained in the Yankees’ clubhouse in August.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the German fought with his teammates and entered the suspension list, leaving him with the team for the rest of the season.

A story that German told was always checked by experts to make sure he was right. “The hand is working well and working hard,” said source. It doesn’t have as many vulnerabilities as it used to. Heand is in a good place”
Despite the tumultuous season that resulted in the non-tender, Germany is expected to land a major league contract with both teams making offers.

They say there’s trouble behind Germany.
Germanand’s career in the field featured ups and downs.
In June, he had a perfect game for Oakland, as opposed to two starts in which he allowed 17 total runs.

   His season also came to an end when he was sent off for failing a stress test and ended up being kicked out of the clubhouse.
‘s road to recovery is an 81-game suspension from 2019-2020 for violating MLBand’s violence policy.

At a charity event held at the home of former Yankee CC Sabathiaand, the German was seen physically assaulting his current wife, Marla Vega.

The president was not prosecuted by the authorities because the police did not come after the incident.

   After a breakout season in the offseason, German is on the verge of another MLB berth.
The news concluded: “After a rocky place in the Bronx and a season trying to improve as a person, German is ready for another place.

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