Number of weeks Removed From Wild Card Exit, As the Browns bowed out

44 One Week After Cleveland Falls to Houston Texans
Kevin Stefanski and the First Move did it Three members of the offensive staff were let go last week: offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, running backs coach.
Stump Mitchell and tight ends coaches T.C. McCartney.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why some of these moves were made, which we won’t go into here. But Stefanski hitting Van Pelt gives Stefanski a chance to make a style change on the offensive end.

   It’s no secret that Stefanski was Cleveland’s guy during his four years with the Browns, but he may be retiring from that role.
Although Cleveland’s offense was plagued by so many injuries throughout the season and that side of the ball played most of the backs, it was obvious that the offense could use an upgrade.

   Whoever the Browns bring to the job interview, say what Stefanski will do. One name that has already come up is Seahawks offensive line coach Andy Dickerson. Dickerson helped turn around Seattle’s running game in two years as the running game coordinator. He was an assistant coach under Eric Mangini in Cleveland in 2009 and 2010.

Some other names targeted by Cleveland include Ramsand#039; passing game coordinator Zac Robinson and 49ers passing game coordinator Klint Kubiak.

October 31, 2022; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns linebacker Nick Chubb (24) carries the ball on the first play of the first play during the third quarter of an NFL Week 8 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Monday, Oct. 31, 2022, at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland.

Wherever Cleveland goes with this salary, the decision will likely be made with quarterback Deshaun Watson in mind.
With a healthy roster that Cleveland plans to bring back in 2024, along with some new faces and a fresh offensive outlook, Cleveland has a chance to be even stronger next year.


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