Shocking texts between Wander Franco and a minor were revealed in court documents.

Shocking texts between Wander Franco and a minor were revealed in court documents.
MLB stars risk decades in prison

    Tampa Bay Rays star Wander Franco is in a relationship with a Dominican girl. The evidence also revealed to the judge that the minor and his biological mother tried to persuade Franco to keep the relationship a secret. The girl is 14 years old, which means that Franco could face up to 20 years in prison.

   According to ESPN, court documents have been released that show Franco’s conversation with the young woman who apologizes profusely for being a jerk. He made it abundantly clear that he didn’t mind the girl being a girl.

    Tampa Bay shortstop Wander Franco hired the mother of the girl Franco had a relationship with @JeffPassan .
Also, the girl was 14 at the time.

Franco the story is in Spanish, but the translation is: “My daughter. If my team finds out, I could be in trouble. It’s a team rule that you can’t talk to little kids, but I took advantage of it and I’m fine. The other reason you didn’t is because you’re just a woman and you don’t know how to be nice to me, but I’ll give you just one chance. You should be with me alone. Don’t look at anyone. I know you’ve been with someone else, but no one knows how to use you the way I want.

   This revelation is one of the reasons Francos was arrested on New Year’s Day after he failed to appear in court to answer questions from the Dominican Republic.

News from @JuanRecioM: ESPN has obtained nearly 600 pages of documents detailing the lawsuit against Wander Franco, accusing him of having sex with a 14-year-old girl. Free ESPN Content:

Is Wander Franco Retired?
In this brutal deal, it looks like the Tampa Bay Rays won’t be bringing back Wander Franco no matter what happens on the court. Franco was charged with extortion and money laundering after prosecutors alleged he paid the girl and her mother to keep the relationship quiet. After being released from jail Jan. 8, Vander Franco posted the $35,000 bond required by a judge.


   In this case, MLB placed Franco on the suspended list and placed him on administrative leave six days later. The league is conducting its own investigation..

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