Deion Sanders gives an update on his sons’ power rankings:Thanks

Shedeur is not in good shape.
The Colorado Buffaloes The role of the quarterback is real.

   Shedeur Sanders may be bound for the NFL and the NIL in the $5 million range, but that’s not enough for his father, who has him ranked as a very good 4th player. confirmed

   Shilo will be the toughest test for Sanders to overcome. Although he briefly fell to third place in December, he went on to become the top seed. 1 for the second time since October.

   Deiondra then took second place, celebrating her equality. He had held the best position since December, when he was last, and the senior at that time was not the best.
After Deion Jr. and after Shedeur, Shelomi gets the worst of the last life without knowing why she is so small.
and Hiroand remained the same. Heand played well. Deion explained to RG3 and The Ones: Normally, Shilo’s not going to make it to the top because he’s been working hard and doing crazy things to get on my nerves, but now he is.

   He was also asked about the nature of the buffalo and Travis Hunter. Although he’s a two-player athlete he calls his son, Sanders leaves him behind to be a leader with his own children.
and “If I put Travis in front of Sanders, they’ll curse me.
Dion laughed. And it’s still changing.

If you don’t answer me, don’t call me, I will fail. You fell off the list.
Sanders Mastery of thought.

   Teacher Prime has done many things and believes that this is a good parenting method that should be more widespread, saying that no parent loves all their children equally.
And I am the only person who is faithful to my children. Sanders said at a news conference in September, “You act like you love all the kids like you don’t. I don’t know why you are doing that and 

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