Red Sox fans left very annoyed as team announces coaching staff for 2024 amid quiet offseason

Cora still has a job smh Red Sox fans were upset when the team announced its 2024 coaching staff during the offseason.

   The Boston Red Sox Haven did not keep the same coaching staff from 2023. The team was in last place and needed a change, so they made some adjustments. Some of the teachers are new and some are entering new areas. In this sense, things are not like at the beginning of last year.

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The Red Sox announced several changes to their staff today.

   Andrew Bailey will be the teacher.
Andry Fox moved from field coordinator to first base coach.
Kyle Hudson moves to third base coach.

   Alex Cora will be the director of 1B
. He joined Pete Fatse, Ben Rosenthal and Luis Ortiz for the practice strike. Kevin Walker will be the bullpen coach and Jason Varitek will be the game planning coordinator. This is similar to what they did last year. This upset some fans. After a disappointing year, many expected to see big changes to the coaching staff.

   Given current market conditions, the roster is unlikely to change, but some fans were hoping for a change in management. This included the impeachment of Cora, which did not happen.

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