3 potential hostile facilitators Cleveland Browns may contract.

Who will be calling the plays for the Cleveland Browns in 2024? Investigate the potential choices for the team’s hostile facilitator and how they seem affect the offense.

No. 1 – Kellen Moore

I’m not 100 percent sold that Kellen Moore is a realistic option for the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator position, but I don’t think anyone would deny he is the perfect fit. To allow Mike McCarthy to take over play-calling duties, Moore left the Dallas Cowboys after the 2022 season and went to the Las Angeles Chargers.

And while the Chargers season certainly didn’t go to plan which cost Brandon Staley his job mid-way through the season, there’s no doubt that Moore is one of the more impressive offensive minds in the league right now.

With the Chargers searching for a new coach, Moore may want to stay put. It feels like they are hot and heavy for Jim Harbaugh who may want to completely revamp the staff, or keep a few pieces in place like Moore.

Remember, this is a team that has Justin Herbert at quarterback and a lot of talent at the skilled positions. If Moore thinks he has a chance to be retained, he may not even be taking interviews for new jobs.

The point is that Moore knows how to run an offense with a gun-slinger quarterback who can push the ball down the field. I’m not sold that the Browns have the skilled players yet to run this type of offense, but it appears that the plan is in motion to get to that point.

Stefanski would surely have to give up play-calling duties to land a talent like Moore, but he could be exactly what this team needs to get the most out of Watson. As mentioned before, Berry gave it all up to get Watson, now he must find a way to get a return on his investment.

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