where does the fantasy go with the new story? Star Caleb Down lands in his final Team

Where will Caleb Downs move? Georgia?
Caleb Downs, the nation’s top junior safety, has entered the NCAA transfer portal.
So where does the fantasy go with the new story? And Georgia?

   The college football world was shocked Wednesday morning when news broke that Caleb Downs, perhaps the best player in college football, would enter the NCAA transfer portal following the departure of legendary coach Nick Saban.

Downs, a former five-star quarterback from Horston, Georgia, was bullied by the entire college football world during his freshman year of high school, but ultimately decided to continue his football career under the tutelage of Nick Saban. But with Saban no longer coaching the Tide, Downs may find a new team.

Down first year with The Tide had a very successful first year. As a true freshman, he recorded 107 tackles and two interceptions, earning second-team All-American honors.Your addition is the most important to any list. So where are you going?

The first entry has no running order. However, Georgia has proven to be a threat and potential leader in his high school career. The addition of Travaris Robinson to the Athens coaching staff will certainly add some familiarity to the staff dating back to Josh Downsand. (Brother of Caleband) Hiring.

   Georgia also has a bit of a design sensibility. Downs comes from Alabama’s 4-2-5 split-safety defense, which features some very talented running backs, especially at the safety position. Georgia offers a smooth transition and a safe way for new Americans to continue.

   Ohio State
The Buckeyes did a great job at Downsand#039. The first innings was mixed for the appearance of a South American footballer. And leading to that success is defensive backs coach Tim Walton, who has had a long and successful career coaching the defensive back position. Walton sticks to his routine and is good for the Buckeyesand#039. But lately there has been a design change at Ohio State.

   Defensive coordinator Jim Knowles implemented a three-safety defense. While it provides security in a unique way, it’s not a good transition for Downs..

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