Michael Schumacher’s miracle: He is said to be sitting at the dining table with others.

Johnny Herbert, his former teammate at Benetton, talks about his health condition
dinner table

Michael Schumacher’s miracle: I hear he sits at the dinner table
Johnny Herbert, his former teammate at Benetton, talks about his health condition

The tenth anniversary of the skiing accident in which everything changed for Michael Schumacher is still fresh in the memory, as is the 55th birthday of the seven-time F1 world champion. However, questions about the Kaiser’s state of health continue to keep everyone on tenterhooks.

The latest to speak out is Johnny Herbert, who was his teammate in the Grand Prix with the Benetton team, when the driver won his first two titles, in 1994 and 1995. After retiring, the Briton worked as a TV commentator on the racetracks.
The Englishman surprised with some statements that change the perspective of his status, although he himself admits that he is not clear about anything. “I only hear things ‘second-hand’. I’ve heard people in F1 say he sits at the dinner table, but I don’t know if it’s true. I can only read between the lines. We haven’t heard much from the family and understandably so. It has always been very much Michael Schumacher and the family’s way of keeping everything very private, very secret,” he told Bettingsites.co.uk.
The former racer ends up admitting that he does what the German’s relatives don’t want, that is, speculate about the seven-time champion. “In my opinion, and I must stress this, because we haven’t heard anything from the family, this shows that, unfortunately, he is probably in a similar situation to the one he was in just after the accident. They don’t seem to have moved much, if at all. I guess the family is waiting for science to discover something that will hopefully give us back the Michael we all knew and the people who only saw him through TV footage when he was seen with much more dynamism on a racetrack,” he said.

Michael’s family has not commented on these statements, as they rarely respond to others’ opinions on the former driver’s condition.

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