Tampa Bay Rays’ Wander Franco is in trouble, not expected to play in MLB again

Tampa Bay Rays’ Wander Franco is not expected to play in MLB Again Due To Legal Issues

He’s In Trouble In The Dominican Republic

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco’s MLB career appears to be over as the Dominican are so serious in his home country that he was jailed after an investigation revealed an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl and money laundering.

According to Enrique Rojas (ESPN) and Hector Gomez (Z Digital a judge recently ordered Franco held on two million Dominican pesos ($35,000) bail and will have to report to court. every 30th day for six months.

Franco may never play in MLB again
He was not placed under house arrest or banned from leaving the Dominican Republic, theoretically raising hopes that he could continue his MLB career.

It is conceivable that Wander Franco played his last game in Tampa 

A person very close to investigating the case of Wander Franco: and on the other hand; it is highly unlikely that Wander will play in the MLB again, judging by the results of ongoing investigations that directly link him to the allegations.

   But Tampa Bay hopes Franco never uses the Rays jersey of his life, or any other MLB jersey, says John Romano of the Tampa Bay Times in his Tampa Bay Times column.
Romano points to a history of similar cases, like that of Trevor Bauer, where he didn’t even have to plead guilty to receive the largest penalty in MLB history, and was so wiped out that he didn’t get a conviction. signature

Can his huge contract be cancelled?

   The Radios and MLB have so far refrained from commenting on Franco’s situation, perhaps for legal reasons, but because they consider the player and In the future in the Dominican Republic, sooner or later they will have to make a decision, which is expected to be difficult.

   The Rays’ biggest problem would be finding a way out of an 11-year, $182 million contract, the largest in franchise history, because the money is fully guaranteed, so they would wait for the case to develop before making a deal. next step.

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