Mercedes responded as was accused of being very rude and disrespectful. £70m campus expansion

The team could face criticism from residents over its new university expansion plans, which will cost north of £70m.

   Mercedes was criticized for being “very bad”. Plans to expand Brackley’s Formula 1 campus will provide opportunities for local businesses.
The settlers are armed. According to local newspapers The Northampton Chronicle and Echo, there may be plans to enter the area due to heavy traffic. The
group plans to build a Silicon Valley-style campus as part of a £70m investment including retail, leisure facilities and restaurants to improve the working environment within the group.

   The main program is Lauda Drive and #039; It comes from the impact it will have on the road to Santiago on the other side. – Named after former F1 world champion and Mercedes mentor Niki Lauda and associated with the Mercedes factory. The residents who use
workers to access the front of the plant are concerned that there may be an influx of vehicles that circulate in the area between 57 and 528 hours and between 50 and 287 hours.

The neighbors didn’t like it. Przemyslaw Polak, an American auto parts expert and one of the residents who runs the warehouse at
Street, believes the plan will make his business “unaffordable. During peak hours.
Simon Wheeler, of Canonbury Products Ltd, said local businesses were not aware of the plans and there were concerns about the impact on suppliers.

“Everyone is shocked at the thought of such a situation, because now we are all free in this house.
It means there’s no problem bringing in workers or commercial vehicles,” Wheeler said.

“Hundreds of cars trying to get in and out of the first place in the morning and the last place at night is very concerning. Our customers, suppliers or employees should leave home early to avoid getting stuck in other people’s cars.

“I’m not interested in protecting small businesses. Because we are Mercedes, we do what we want you to do. “There’s a lot of respect for companies that have been here for a similar amount of time.

   Mercedes responds
Mercedes responded to the complaints made to the Crónica, explaining that it followed all the planning procedures. A spokesman for
said: “All the right steps are through the planning application process, including communication with the planning department, including a public consultation period.
“We have also had extensive discussions with local road authorities and the National Highways Authority, who have reviewed and approved our special vehicle studies. We also worked with the emergency services to agree on a road improvement plan that would make it easier to exit the Santiago road in the event of an emergency.

“We have reviewed the concerns raised by an expert about the roads being operated by one of our local companies to ensure that the proposed actions have minimal impact on the business. This route was agreed with the local road association.
“In addition, we will be improving local roads and paths around the entrance to the site, adding a new footpath to Oxford Road and roadworks to help traffic flow.

“As one of Brackley’s main employers, we are committed to maintaining good relationships and dialogue with our stakeholders and promote our positive impact in the area. We will continue to work as we go through this process..

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