F1 News: Refurbishment of Monza looms in contract extension battle at circuit

‌In a move to secure its future in the Formula 1 calendar, Monza is due to embark on a comprehensive upgrade project imminently. This development comes as a response to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali’s call for modernisation to ensure the track’s continued inclusion in the racing series.



Monza’s Rich Legacy at Stake: Despite its longstanding association with Formula 1 dating back to 1950 and being the sole venue for the Italian Grand Prix since 1981, Monza is now required to update the facilitie

Extensive Modernisation Plans: The renovation blueprint includes the construction of new roads and tunnels, track resurfacing, drainage enhancement, pit building upgrades, and the conceptualisation of additional grandstands

Domenicali’s Strong Stance: Domenicali’s explicit warning comes after delays in starting the renovations, underscoring the urgency for Monza to align with the evolving standards of Formula 1 racing and entertainment

Italian GP Monza – AlphaTaur

The Monza Circuit holds a significant place in the hearts of racing enthusiasts. However, the circuit is now under pressure to evolve, facing the realities of the sport’s burgeoning popularity and the increasing competition for a spot on the F1 calendar



With Italy hosting two Formula 1 races, the Emilia Romagna GP and Italian GP, both circuits are undergoing necessary upgrades. As outlined by Motorsport.com, these improvements aim to bring the facilities in line with the current demands of the sport. The renovation at Monza, in particular, is set to kick off on January 8, targeting completion in time for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix which is due to take place on 30 August – 1 Septemb

The delayed start of the Monza renovations, initially planned for post-2023 Italian GP, has led to significant concern from Domenicali. On Italian radio station Rai, he commented

I am in good contact with the motorsport federation in Italy. We are negotiating, but we need elements to carry this negotiation forward


“The work at Monza was supposed to start after the grand prix and still hasn’t started in December. It should now start in the near future. My push is a constructive push, we must keep pace with the time


“It’s all about understanding the desire to invest in F1 as a racing platform. Entertainment and business can no longer be on a private level. It is our country that must make a precise choice


There is a lot of pressure on the two Italian circuits to make the required changes due to the ever-growing F1 calendar and, more importantly, the increased demand for a spot on it. The 2024 season is set to break records with a staggering 24 races due to the return of the Chinese Grand Prix and the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. However, there are still locations keen to be included such as France, Portugal, and South Africa..”s..:er..i..s.s:

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