’22 years old’ Fernando Alonso defied age to carve his name as a menace on the F1 grid.

Fernando Alonso delivered one of the most impressive performances of 2023, recalling his time as F1 world champion.

   The Aston Martin driver achieved his best result in a decade with fourth place in the 2023 season. Reflecting on that, Karun Chandhok has full credit for the Spaniard who continues to highlight the power of AMR23,  o most important when evaluating these riders is to emphasize their package. So I think that’s where Fernando scores. He really emphasizes the power of that car,” Chandok said. Chandok also noted that Alonso’s performance coincided with the 22-year-old’s debut season.

   Highlighting his performance at Zandvoort and Interlagos, the former India driver said: “The results in Brazil, the fight with Czech, beat Czech.” “I think that belly shows that he still has the strength of a 22-year-old, not a 42-year-old. To me. This is a very good time,” said Chandok.

   Who are the 10 drivers of 2023? Karun and Tommo have the story! At first Aston Martin got a podium place, but soon withdrew from the development race due to a change in the previous rules. However, Chandok insists that Alonso’s performance has not declined. It has always been strong in competitive small cars.

   According to Chandhok, the reason is the 42-year-old’s approach to every race. Alonso knew and waited for the perfect opportunity to come back, as he did in Holland. The two-time world champion showed the perfect combination of creative thinking and strategic thinking to ensure he and his team achieved top marks. In 2024, Alonso could make Aston Martin famous if they produce cars faster. If the AMR24 is quick enough to win the race, the Asturian could be in trouble on the F1 grid. What happened to Fernando Alonso? At 42, Alonso broke the age barrier in F1 and in what was once believed to be a youth sport.

   During the 22-race season, drivers will be challenged to keep up with the challenge of constantly adapting to different locations and weather conditions. A very difficult challenge for a 42-year-old. Now, heading into the 2024 season, F1 will demand more from its drivers as there will be 24 races on the calendar.

   Fernando Alonso: “Alpine difference, in Aston Martin has noticed an extreme concentration” “This year I will see how the 24 races feel. The time for withdrawal has not yet come.” Multiple sets of doubles and triples make this the toughest season in F1 history. I think the biggest challenge was watching Alonso last year.

   Due to the difficulty of the physical needs, the Spaniard said that he “discovered the nature of 24 nations”. If he thinks he can’t go the way he wants, Alonso says he’s the first to raise his hand. But he believes that time is still far away.

   But Alonso knows he has to chase the glory that has eluded him in his F1 career to reach the top level and end his long drought of victories and championships..

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