Mike Norvell Gives a very Heartfelt Speech As FSU Football Ends Season In Orange Bowl

Norvell sent a message to the Seminoles in the locker room after the Orange Bowl.

   Florida State Seminoles The Florida State football team released its final recap of the 2023 campaign following a 63-3 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs in the Orange Bowl. In that talk, coach Mike Norvell shared an inspiring story in a somewhat awkward way after the loss.

   After being left out of the College Football Playoff despite going undefeated against the Power 5 conference champion, the Seminoles are heavy on the Bulldogs. The ‘Noles, who were the first to enter the second and third strings because of several starting departures, due to injuries or transfers, entered the game.

   But Mike Norvell didn’t see it that way. I wasn’t angry or upset. Instead, he praised the team and apologized for their actions in Miami, saying they were “better” than the score. “I thank you. Thank you for what you have done. I appreciate who you are. You are better than that.

   I thank you When we went into our last game, it was a moment we will remember forever. I’m here today, and I’m so grateful to you for stepping into that field and giving it your all forever. You have respect. Last Norvell.

the beginning of the speech, Norvell stood in the locker room and talked about unfair life, the lack of recognition of hard work and the legacy of the team. “Because there are a lot of things in life that you can’t explain and you can’t put your finger on, but in the end you always have a chance,” Norvell began his speech.

   “You can choose what you want to do, how you want to do it, and how you want to do it.” He went on to explore the idea that hard work does not guarantee victory, but that those who keep working are better positioned to win. “I’ve said it since the first day I came here. Hard work doesn’t mean success. No, it never does. But it really puts you in a good place to make it happen. I think that’s one of the things we’ve seen all season. I have great people sitting in front of me,” Norvell said.

   Norvell went so far as to praise the strength of the team. “What about the things you’ve done, the decisions you’ve made? Just say yes. Did you know that? It’s so easy to make a mistake. And it hurts. And you’re angry.” And you are sad. The easiest thing to do is to step back and stop. That’s what the world wants from you.

   But there are very few people who are willing to fight the bad fight,” Norvell said. Florida State opens the 2024 season with a Week 0 matchup against Georgia Tech in Dublin, Ireland.

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