Following the close of Georgia’s 2023 season they have another player opt to enter the transfer portal.

Georgia Senior Running Back Enters the Transfer Portal

Following the close of Georgia’s 2023 season they have another player opt to enter the transfer portal.

   Georgia Bulldogs The Georgia Bulldogs, 2023 season ended with a win over the fifth ranked Florida State Seminoles with a final score of 63-3. The Bulldogs saw a number of draft declarations made after that game, but today’s news is that a graduated running back has entered the transfer portal. At the time, Sevaughn Clark entered the transfer window with one year of eligibility remaining.

   The senior running back saw limited playing time with the Dawgs and hasn’t appeared in a game since Kentucky, but he did get some carries against the Seminoles. He had 35 tackles and 145 yards during his time in Athens. Georgia running back Sevon Clark (20) intercepts TCU safety Abraham Kamara (14) during the second half of the NCAA college football national championship game between TCU and Georgia, Monday, Jan. 9, 2023, in Inglewood, California. (Joshua L. Joshua L. jones List features will be updated in real-time as players express interest over the coming days and weeks.

   Georgia Transfer Portal entries: * Kicker, Jared Zirkel announced he will transfer to Texas A&M. * WR, Jackson Meeks announced his transfer to Syracuse. * QB, Brock Vandagriff transfers to Kentucky. * EDGE, CJ Madden announced his transfer to Purdue. * WR Jackson Meeks says he will enter transfer window with one year remaining in his rookie season. *

   Jonathan Jefferson said he will transfer to SMU. * EDGE, Darris Smith Transfer ideas were announced before the portal was opened. He moved to the Missouri Tigers. * DB, Nyland Green announced transfer to Purdue. * WR, Meki Muse, says he plans to enter the transition portal. * LB, EJ Lightsey announced transfer to Georgia Tech. * OL, Austin Blaske announced his transfer to UNC. * WR, Yazeed Haynes announced his transfer to Syracuse. * LB, Jamon Dumas Johnson announced his move to Kentucky. *DB, AJ Harris entered the transition portal. * LB, Xavian Sori joined the chip portal and committed to Arkansas. * OL, Joshua Miller, announced his transfer to Syracuse. * OL, Aliou Bah announced a move to Maryland. * WR announces plans to join CJ Smith transfer portal * RB, Sevon Clark, announced plans to enter the transfer window.

   Georgia NFL Draft Announcement: *DB, Jevon Bullard *DB, Kamari Lassiter *DB, Tykie Smith * WR, Marcus Rosemi Jack Saint * WR, Ladd McConkey * DL, Shiona Rangitaki * RB, Kendall Milton *RB, Daijun Edwards * OL, Amarius Mims

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