Michael Schumacher’s wild party story at a classic F1 celebration

Michael Schumacher’s “party trick” has been described by Johnny Herbert who reminisced over F1 drivers’ changing habits.


Herbert drove in 12 F1 seasons, ending in 2000, and watched Schumacher arrive as a talented kid and grow his legend.

Also legendary was how F1 drivers of that era would enjoy themselves.


“Yes, the social side was better in my day,” Herbert told Lucky Block.


“The big one we had was in Adelaide after the last race. Everyone went to the same bar or club.

Michael would get quite drunk early on. His party trick was to go up to someone and rip their shirt apart with buttons popping everywhere. You knew it was coming!


“It was an easier thing to do back then. Adelaide was the main blow out.


“What has changed is the advent of social media. It has changed everything. You can’t go anywhere without being papped.


“They still have fun now but it has to be more controlled behind closed doors.”


Max Verstappen cruised to winning the F1 championship this season.


“No, this has not been the dullest season ever,” Herbert reacted.


“Michael’s era was the dullest in history as far as I am concerned.


“You have to give Max credit for what he’s done. He has not just dominated, he’s dominated in a way that it is very special to watch. He can dig deep and still perform as he showed in Miami and also in Spa.”


Herbert was questioned on who F1’s best-ever three teams are.

“It depends on the era,” he said. “That’s difficult. From the 60s and 70s Lotus, they would be top.

“What Colin Chapman was able to do was incredible. Brabham when they started in the 60s, Ferraris have been there every single season.

“In modern times Red Bull is one of them as well as McLaren and Williams. Overall top of the heap has to be Lotus.”

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