Scott Pollard talks about playing with Boston Celtics and Paul Pierce at Kansas

Former Boston Celtics big man Scot Pollard may be as well known for his stints on the popular reality series “Survivor” as he is for his contributions to the 2008 title team during the regular season. But Pollard recently shared some stories about both times he played with fellow Banner 17 winner Paul Pierce — once with the Celtics, but long before that as a big man for the University of Kansas Jayhawks.

Pollard also talked about his larger-than-life personality and unique hairstyles that made him a cult figure during his NBA days, and discussed in detail being on the court for the infamous “Malice at the Palace” brawl in 2004 when he was with the Pacers.

Speaking in a recent appearance on the Mercury “Rock Chalk Unplugged” NCAA-focused podcast, the iconic former Boston big man had a host of tales to tell about his life playing alongside Pierce and other NBA and NCAA greats.

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