The successful ‘secrets’ Red Bull life of Toto Wolff

 We know Toto Wolff is a Mercedes man at heart. He and his team are Red Bulland’s biggest rivals, but did you know he was part of the Red Bull family? By the way, it’s always kind of arrogant.

   There’s no denying that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff isn’t thrilled. He has always proven to be the leader of the Mercedes team, but in the past he is a very experienced driver and Wolff is a rock fan in his own right. He was very enthusiastic in the tests, but also took it to the clay court.

   He once broke the record on the famous Nordschleife, but then tried to go faster and crashed badly, causing muscle damage that left him unable to smell or taste anything for months. . In Porsche, but a few years before he was able to compete in the FIA ​​​GT Championship. There he excelled driving Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, etc.

   In 2006 he won the first 24 Hours of Dubai…. Color Red Red! In Red Bull Blue, he was in the news many times and excelled in difficult situations. In the Interlagos 1,000-mile race in 2004, he was the fastest team and fastest man, although Karl Wendlinger was the team’s most famous GT dealer. With the death of Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz last year, Wolff looks back on his time as a Red Bull driver. And he was proud to wear those colors as a GT driver. He pondered. And it was an honor to be a Red Bull driver and I was very proud to wear those team colors. The Austrian said with a wide smile.

   Red blood and wolf blood Wolff’s ties to Red Bull are both on and off the track. And, as an Austrian, you know the history of Red Bull very well. He continued. When Dietrich started selling Red Bull, some clubs turned him down. What are energy drinks? They were surprised. Then I mixed it with vodka and suddenly it happened. It’s like a drug, so they sell it secretly and it goes under the table. In Munich I ended up in a good club with a vodka-Red Bull which was like getting high.

   This created a legend for Red Bull and created a market that never existed or existed. Wolff, also a successful businessman, watched as Mateschitz went his own way, without revealing himself. andquot; Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength. I also remember that he refused to pay for his products. He didn’t move. If you cancel at the supermarket, he said: In the end they will quickly knock on your door. Mateschitz larger than life His love for the sport has been evident throughout the years. In Formula 1, Mateschitz is an influential figure, owning two teams and starting the careers of Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

   In 2023, eight drivers came through the Red Bull junior program. However, Red Bull is not limited to motor sports, it also includes other sports such as football, ice hockey and aviation sports. And “Dietrich was larger than life.” It also represents football, ice hockey, Leipzig, racing, andquot; Wolf said, And “I don’t think so.”

   He probably contributed more to Grade 1 than anyone else. He is an amazing person. Sometimes we talk about important topics for hours, but in the end we talk about family. i liked it His biggest achievement is the Red Bull award.

   I remember him telling me he was more than happy to take on sports shows that were dying as long as he could enjoy them. And not many entrepreneurs say it’s for the love of sports.

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