Hamilton shares feeling at Mercedes: ‘That’s very emotional’

Mercedes has not had an easy time since Formula 1’s rule change in 2022. They have won just once in two years, watching their rival from the 2021 season, Max Verstappen, win race after race. Despite that, ‘the silver arrows’ did manage to finish second in the constructors’ championship, and the team is happy with that, according to Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton shares atmosphere within Mercedes F1

“The mood is very positive,” said the seven-time world champion. “All the members of the team are incredibly grateful to have got second in the constructors, given the challenges that we faced this season. So it’s always quite emotional. I’ve been with the team for such a long time. But every time you go back to Bricksworth and to Brackley you’re reminded of just how big.

That team feeling is very important to the Briton. Again, he makes that clear: “The team is pushing you forwards, behind. And you see every individual, some people that are new to the team, since I joined whilst I’ve been here and some that have been here way before, and also some that have worked on my engines since my first Grand Prix in Formula One. It’s amazing to see just the progress and the growth. Our team is becoming more and more diverse, which has been really like pleasing for me to see that we are moving in the right direction.

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