This is why Lewis Hamilton hates his $11 million Pagani.

The internet is buzzing with the first glimpse of Lewis Hamilton driving the seven-time world champion in a purple Pagani Zonda.

   The Pagani was a fan favorite, but Hamilton wasn’t too fond of the $11 million car. In fact, he hated a part of it, so he stopped buying it. But the Mercedes driver did not forget to show why he does not like the Italian boss. He spoke about it in the Sunday Times in 2021. “Driving is very scary,” he admits. He also said that the Zonda 760 LH is the Mercedes star’s best car, but it also handles poorly. Lewis Hamilton and Pagani Zonda 760LH, alone in the world. He has LH symptoms because it was made for him. Hamilton sold his purple Pagani after seven years of ownership.

    News of the sale comes just a week after the 2021 champion lost out to Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi. He bought the car in 2014 and kept it in Monaco. He was often seen driving a car and was involved in an accident in 2015. Hamilton realized that this Italian animal was not very suitable for handling. Also, it’s not like the Mercedes EQC SUV you drive all the time. The British driver then sold the car to a new owner in England for $11 million, and it didn’t end well. He also lost Lewis Hamilton’s Pagani The Pagani that Lewis Hamilton sold to a man in England had an accident in Wales.

   This happened after X’s camera leaked a video. The video was shared by Peter Powell and shows the Zonda speeding past cars and into the Penmaenbach Tunnel in Conway. Lewis Hamilton crashed an old Pagani Zonda 760 LH in Wales yesterday. The car was sold for 10 million euros two years ago. Fortunately, the owner is safe.

Moments later the car crashed. And this is the second time a purple Pagani has suffered from this disease. The driver of the car was the new owner and fortunately was not seriously injured. He is British billionaire Mark Radcliffe, a racing driver with experience in the British GT Championship. Most of his assets came from the company Victorian Plumbing, of which he was the majority shareholder.

   However, Lewis Hamilton, who is now famous as an environmentalist, will not have to choose an expensive petrol car in the future.

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