Red Sox legend criticizes Alex Verdugo for his comments: You’re a b****

Red Sox legend criticizes Alex Verdugo for his comments: You’re a b**** Alex Verdugo has enemies with his stories.

   Alex Verdugo is one of the few players in MLB history to go directly from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees and vice versa. Many were surprised by the intensity of the rivalry between the two teams over the years.

   The truth is that Verdugo turned his back on his former supporters after he made some comments in a virtual press conference. He detailed his relationship with Alex Cora, why he doesn’t like the way he manages players and how excited he is about it.

   He continued to work with Aaron Boone. Papelbonand boring One of those who didn’t pay much attention to Verdugo’s comments and the Former shortstop Jonathan Papelbon was Alex Cora’s teammate with the Red Sox and a two-time World Series champion with the team. Papelbon said he wasn’t happy with Verdugo’s comments, calling him out again and calling him a fool. Jonathan Papelbon had an idea after hearing Alex Verdugo talk about his relationship with Alex Cora.

Verdugo I mean the son of Vertigo. Cora has more support from his players and teammates than anyone else in the game. You’ve spent it being late, lazy and unproductive. If I play Cora I, I dig this bitch and just say: equot; Papelbon said. X X X X X X X X Will it be better in New York? During the 2023 season, Verdugo hit .264 with 13 home runs, 54 RBIs and a .745 OPS in his fourth year with Boston. He is a Gold Glove finalist, has 12 assists in the field and a +9 DRS. Well, Alex Verdugo is now the public enemy in Boston.

   Straight shot to Alex Cora. Verdugo came to Boston in 2020 as part of a trade for Mookie Betts, who was one of the top prospects in the Los Angeles Dodgers farm system at the time.

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