The McLaren boss has excluded Hamilton from the three drivers on the F1 grid

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella has listed her top three drivers in the current list, excluding seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

   McLaren team principal Andrea Stella has named the three best drivers on the current Formula 1 grid. Not included in the list is seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who finished third in Driversand#039.

   This is the list of Mercedes. Stella was promoted to a team principal position at McLaren at the start of 2023 and led a successful campaign in which the team achieved nine podiums. Seven of the three third-place finishes went to Lando Norris, a native of Stellaand’s list.

   It’s also no surprise that Max Verstappen was included, as the leader of his F1 program is on course for a third title. Stella also included a former McLaren driver in his third line-up. “The three drivers driving the same car are Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso,” Stella told DAZN.

   Stella also paid tribute to Oscar Piastri, who took two results for McLaren in his first F1 season. With Alonso, 42, also in the third row for Stella, the Italian believes he will see memories of the two-time world champion in Piatri and Norris. “I would say that Oscar is talented and intelligent,” Stella said. “His brain power is very high. His characters are very interesting. I would say he is very calm. “Lando is one of the best drivers on the grid. He is very fast and has good tire control in the race.

   “When I think of Lando, I think that if the team and I give him a good car, he can fight for the title. “When you talk about perfection, Fernando Alonso comes to mind. “He has no weaknesses. I think he’s unique. He’s not very good at many things, but he’s very strong at all of them. “I think I saw in Óscar his strong mind. He is very similar to Fernando. He can do mathematical calculations while driving.

   “Lando, on the other hand, I think his development as a driver will be completed by him. He reminds me a little of Fernando ».

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