Transfer market: Following a strong comeback, Audi remains interested in Hulkenberg

Transfer window: Audi remains interested in Hulkenberg After a strong comeback at Haas this season, Nico Hulkenbergand’s fortunes are on the rise, and Haas has already attracted the attention of other teams.

   Haasand’s driver line-up of Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg is experienced, with the pair starting strongly to their names. However, it will still be a surprise to see both drivers on the grid next year. Not because of the job in 2023, but because a few years ago the return to Formula 1 seemed impossible.

   Magnussen experienced a good 2022 season for Mick Schumacher. As a result, the Dane entered 2023 with confidence, but it soon became clear that Haas did not have a competitive car this year. Despite the updates the team brought to Austin at the end, not much changed, and Hulkenberg returned to an old car. As always, the German was faithful to his team and the information was used at Haas.

   F1’s smaller teams don’t have the resources to make big changes over the course of a season, so they need to quickly get on track with their 2024 cars. For that, the team really needs input from Magnussen and Hulkenberg. This is a real plus for the team and we have seen them move forward to gain experience rather than give opportunities to youngsters.

   However, Steiner is concerned whether Hulkenberg will be available beyond 2024 as Sauber/Audi are eyeing the 36-year-old. The Swiss team, which will be acquired by Audi in 2026, hopes to sign Hulkenberg for 2025. With his experience, Hulkenberg can play an important role in building Audi’s first F1 car in 2026. The German confirmed talks with Audi earlier of this year, although it seems unlikely that they will continue, so he gave it a whirl. Sauber 2024 opportunities  understands from multiple sources that Hulkenberg has been offered a seat at Sauber this year for 2024.

  However, Haas took up Germane’s option in the contract, so Hulkenberg could not consider the Sauber/Audi offer. Magnussen, who is entering his ninth F1 season, is an experienced driver who has never had problems with Schumacher in Formula 1, but Hulkenberg’s case is different. Last year’s stats were 15-7 in the championships, 13-9 in races and 9-3 in the World Cup, all in favor of Hulkenberg.

   These figures gave Sauber/Audi even more confidence in Hulkenberg’s value. It’s clear that Hulkenberg has the experience that Audi is looking for, but it’s clear that despite Hulkenberg’s age and the number the German has no wear and tear. Perhaps, like Alonso, Hulkenberg will continue to practice this sport for years to come. Hulkenberg is in a good place right now. He may have to wait until next year’s first race to see Haas’ progress, although he knows Sauber/Audi are very interested.

   However, while Haas makes a lot of money from its cars, Audi plans to make the future even better for drivers. But the pressure is still on Hulkenberg to make a strong comeback so Sauber/Audi can keep up with him. Sauber/Audi, strong competition for seats in 2025 and 2026 But Sauber’s current driver duo won’t give up easily. Drivers will be working hard to secure seats for 2025 and 2026.

   2026 is when the team will survive as a factory outfit, and the Swiss team will have to fight for points (and possibly a platinum) every week. As a driver, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, but of course your competitors know it too. For example, Carlos Sainz is often associated with Audi. Finally, Sainz Senior has a good track record among German manufacturers. Sainz Junior is doing well at Ferrari, but talk of a possible switch is spreading fast.

   However, this time the European would prefer to stay at Ferrari, although Charles Leclerc is the first of the Scuderia. It will soon become clear if Sainz renews his contract with Ferrari for another year or two, the race for Audi seats in 2016 will become clearer.

   But for now, Hulkenberg seems to be in the best place. Save one of the two seats in your Audi.

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