Three takeaways from Coach Prime Season 2: Episode 3, something Personal

Three takeaways from Coach Prime Season 2: Episode 3, something Personal

The Buffs return home for back-to-back contests with rivals

Deion Sanders came to Colorado with a little bit of background knowledge about the rivalry with Nebraska. An old foe from the program’s Big Eight days was back on the schedule with brand new coaches at both schools. Coach Prime went up against Matt Rhule for bragging rights and pride. It worked out CU’s favor with a 22-point win over the Huskers early in the season.

A moment that was relieved in the latest episode of Prime Video’s ‘Coach Prime’. Here are three takeaways from ‘It’s Personal’.

Coach Prime warmed up to Ralphie

Colorado’s tradition of having the best live mascot is a major selling point. Sanders came face-to-face with the bison in a heartfelt moment and got to feed her by hand. Ralphie’s handlers got to show off the process of the run first-hand with Coach Prime in the back of the corral. Sanders was scared out of his mind, not knowing what to expect with the baby buffalo charging at full speed. You could tell the Hall-of-Famer had a new appreciation for her majesty.


The moment between Jay Norvell and Deion Sanders was intense


Some of the oddest moments in recent CU history was Sanders taking several shots from opposing coaches this year. Colorado State’s Jay Norvell made it personal by attacking Coach Prime’s family, including his mother. The two coaches had an exchange at midfield after the Buffs overtime win and it was amped up.

Shedeur Sanders told his father not to put hands on Norvell before they shook hands. CSU’s coach tried to shake it off and said his comments weren’t targeted at Sanders’ family. However, Coach Prime wasn’t having it at all. “You were talking about my mama, dawg,” Sanders said while walking away. Kim Norvell, the wife of CSU’s coach, decided to take a shot at Shedeur after the episode dropped. She deleted the comment hours after posing on X.

Travis Hunter was lost in the most important part of the season


We got to see multiple angles of CSU’s Henry Blackburn’s hit on Colorado’s two-way star that forced him to be hospitalized with a lacerated liver. It was a dirty play and it was clear how much pain Hunter was in afterwards. What was lost in all the hype was Sanders and the Buffs being without their best player for a critical juncture of the year. The injury likely cost CU a bowl game in the process. Hunter still won the Paul Hornung Award as college football’s most versatile player this year.


The next episode of ‘Coach Prime’ will feature the trip to Oregon and the start of the downslide for the Buffs. It is scheduled to be released next Wednesday (Dec. 20).

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