Georgia high school baseball player Dies after week of batting confine accident


Georgia high school baseball player Dies after week of batting confine accident

Jeremy Medina, a Georgia secondary school baseball player, passed on Monday, Gainesville Secondary School affirmed. He was 18.

Medina passed on half a month after the secondary school senior experienced a horrible head injury as he rehearsed in a batting confine.

Medina was injured Nov. 20 when he leaned into a net and was struck in the head while another player was swinging a bat, according to Gainesville High School Principal Jamie Green. Green added there was “no tomfoolery, no offense and no aim.”
Not long after being harmed, Medina was taken to Upper east Georgia Clinical Center, where he stayed in a state of extreme lethargy.

At a public interview with Medina’s family last week, Dr. Michael Cormican uncovered the youthful competitor was proclaimed cerebrum dead after a progression of tests. His family later added they were completely finishing Jeremy’s desires to turn into an organ contributor.
As all of you know, he showed up in intense condition from a staggering head injury,” Cormican said. ” He has unfortunately reached the point of neurological death, or brain-death, at this time.
A “Request for Jeremy” crusade was sent off at Gainesville Secondary School and across the neighborhood local area on the side of Mediana. Medina had received a scholarship to play baseball in college and hoped to play professional baseball one day.
We realize Jeremy was and will constantly be in God’s grasp, and we will see him soon,” the Medina family said in a proclamation. ” We are thankful for every one of the requests and backing throughout the course of recent weeks, and we value everybody’s comprehension as we take time now to accompany our loved ones.”

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