Brandon Staley promises big changes on offense ahead of the Chargers-Broncos game.

Brandon Staley promises big changes on offense ahead of the Chargers-Broncos game.

Staley shakes up the depth chart.

The LA Chargers are once again in trouble on offense.

Justin Herbert continues to move the ball well thanks to his erratic talent, but Austin Ekeler and the running game once again fail to give this offense the balance it needs to succeed.

Herbert will be in charge of the Chargers by himself for most games, but the lack of a running game is starting to hurt this team’s butt.

It’s a notable move for offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, who is more accustomed to moving the ball than his reputation as an aerial circus leader.

Joshua Kelley has started to ramp up his workload in recent weeks, with at least 10 carries in each of his past four games.

After a surprise activation on game day, the Chargers may be ready to limit Ekeler’s touches and increase Kelly’s role as they have in the past.

The Chargers will feature Isaiah Spiller, who has carried the ball just 30 times for 68 yards in two seasons, against the rival Denver Broncos.

This could be seen as a sign that LA is taking a more committee-based approach rather than pursuing Ekeler until the gears fall.

The LA Chargers could limit Austin Ekeler’s workload following the departure of Isaiah Spiller.

Ekeler is certainly a better receiver and more explosive player than Kelly or the struggling Spiller, but these two young defenders can run between the tackles more energetically than Ekeler.

If that’s what you want from Kellen Moore’s back, Ekeler could see his touch fade.

The Chargers are near the bottom of the league in most major rushing categories, with Ekeler himself averaging just 3.

5 yards per carry.

Kelly’s 4.

0 per carry isn’t a particularly impressive number, but it’s certainly better than what Ekeler achieved this season.

However, Spiller won’t necessarily be available for a breakout game against Denver.

Although a ridiculous start to the season messed up their defensive stats, the Broncos were buoyed by a more aggressive and solider defense up front and pulled off a very impressive win.

Ekeler will continue to be a part of LA’s game plan because he is a much better receiver than the Chargers’ other defenders (and many wide receivers).

Still, running between the tackles has been an issue for Ekeler for some time, and this move shows the coaching staff is aware of the issue.

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