Phillies star Bryce Harper reveals his past life as a Cowboys fan.

I am fascinated by blue stars After moving to Philadelphia, Harper turned to the Eagles for “trades and” deals.

   Bryce Harper is quickly becoming a Philadelphia sports icon. Harper is the face of the city and the baseball team, signing with the Phillies for the remainder of the 2020s and becoming an ambassador for Philly. He is always happy to celebrate his passionate fans and unique culture. Harper may have ruffled a feather or two when he hosted the NFL game between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

   In a 90-second interview, Harper said he was a big Cowboys fan before signing with the Phillies in 2019. But the All-Star slugger really made the city’s heart beat over the years. feeding Harper: I liked Cowboysand#039; history and folklore Harper was born and raised in Las Vegas, but when he learned the city wouldn’t get its own NFL team until 2020, he decided to root for the team that dominated his childhood in the 1990s. And quot;As a child, I grew up admiring the blue star of the silver cap, the glories and traditions of America and the team. Harper talked about his Cowboy style.

   Like many kids who grew up in the ’90s and ’90s, Harper was obsessed with Cowboysand. successful Dallas has won three Super Bowls in the past decade and boasts future Hall of Famers Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. From 1991 to 1998, the Cowboys had seven consecutive championship seasons, making the playoffs all but one year.

   However, as Blue Star’s beauty faded in the 2000s, it overshadowed Eagle Sand. It turns out to be an NFC powerhouse. That surge culminated in a Super Bowl win in 2017. That was two years before Harper moved to Philly for some sort of job.

   The Eagles are the pride of Philadelphia Harperland’s expected free agent signed a 13-year, $330 million contract to join the rebuilding Phillies, leading them to the National League pennant in 2022 and a return to the World Series in 2023. When he joined the Phillies , Harper quickly realized. that the Eagles had the Philadelphians like no one else. And if you know my town, you know what the Eagles mean to us.

   Harper said. It is the core of Philadelphia’s fabric, its pride and its Philadelphia way. The Eagles meant more to the people of Philly than when the team was in the NFL and in the top tier. After reaching the Super Bowl last year and starting this year 10-2, the city needed another championship. But first, everyone in midnight green wants a win against the Cowboys, the Eagles.

   It’s an NFC East rivalry. And even if they are not the best team in football, when these two teams meet it will be even more important. Harper said.

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