Florida State Football: Power Nation ’24 Recruiting Thread #18

Tomahawk Nation’s hub for all football recruiting! Peyton Baker/Tomahawk Nation Welcome to the 18th official #Tribe24 recruiting thread! Florida State is coming off an undefeated season and the ACC Tournament, and currently has 23 letters of recommendation and plans to add more to complete the Tribe24.

    The Seminoles are well ranked Florida (14) and Georgia (6) and have over 50% of a blue chip percentage in the class as of this writing. Who will be next to visit, make appointments or cancel? As always, check out all the content links below and check out the comments section for the latest Florida State Seminoles football news and to post any questions, mock lessons or comments. .

   Tomahawk Nation also launched a podcast channel called Everything Noles, which includes the rebranding recruiting podcast, The Florida State of Recruiting Podcast: The Three Stars.

   Check out the first episode here and come back in this article where we’ll list links to each podcast we’ve written for your convenience.
Running back: 4-star Kam Davis (GA). Returning: 4-star Michael Dange (FL). Wide receiver: 4-star Camdon Frier (FL). Wide receiver: 4-star Lawyne McCoy (FL). Wide receiver: 4-star BJ Gibson (GA). Wide receiver: 4-star Elijah Moore (MD). Best finish: 5-star Landen Thomas (GA). Offensive Line: 4-star Jonathan Daniels (FL). Offensive Line: 3-star Tye Hylton (FL). Offensive Line: 4-star Manasse Itete (CA) Offensive Line: 3-star Jayden Todd (GA) Linebacker: Five-star Armondo Blount. Linebacker: 4-star DD Holmes (DC).

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