Russell offers Mercedes a massive boost ahead of the 2024 F1 campaign

Mercedes have had a tough season this season but George Russell is confident they will do well in the winter break. George Russell is confident Mercedes will make the most of the winter break after a disappointing campaign this season.

   The Brackley side enjoyed their first winning season since 2011 as the Red Bull fans dominated the season with 20 wins from 21 rounds. The new technical rules were introduced as Mercedes dropped in the standings last year, after enjoying years of competitive success. Mercedes decided to change the direction of the car’s development after admitting that the original concept would not return to its original position.

   The year ended with a second battle in the Constructors division. As a winner, Russell admitted that the W14 is a better car to drive than its predecessor. “Last year was a very difficult car to drive,” Russell told the media, including “But because we made some big improvements, like a lot of teams, the evolution of the winter caught up with us this year. “The way we did it was wrong. We made some mistakes and that showed when we hit the road in Bahrain.

   With a big gap to Red Bull, Russell was confident that Mercedes would pull ahead ahead of the new race, but was cautious when predicting their leading position. “Now in my third year, I hope I never make those mistakes,” Russell said. “We had good results in the winter and I think we’re looking at it now.

   But at the end of the day it’s a relative game and we don’t know what our opponents have.”

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