Shohei Ohtani’s free agency is turning messy, but it looks like the end is near.

Shohei Ohtani’s free agency is turning messy, but it looks like the end is near. Pitcher Slugger is considered the best player in MLB. What’s next for Shohei Ohtani and MLB has been the main topic of conversation in baseball for a year, and the decision comes as he gets closer to choosing his ballpark.

   According to other managers around the league, it could be one of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs or Toronto Blue Jays, while the Boston Red Sox appear to be out of the running right now, reports ESPN with Jeff Passan. The contract was expected to be worth $500 million before his injury, and he won’t be able to play until early 2025, which seems like his value has dropped a bit. Ohtani is expected to make a decision shortly after the winter meetings in Nashville, Tenn., on Monday, Dec. 4, and some sources say Ohtani still knows where he really wants to go.

   Why does no one understand Otaniand’s thoughts? World Baseball Classic winner Nez Balelo has kept things tight and under wraps to stay in the MVP’s best books and the next big payday. This includes shuffling managers to meet players, using different parking lots, different waiting rooms and different elevators so no one knows who Ohtani courted. But they could not be separated. And it was very exciting because all the teams stayed in the same hotel, the InterContinental.

   A manager said “The Athleticand.” Then”Because of this hidden heaven, I entered the hotel and saw (the other two managers).They tried to control everything,equot; He continued. Andquot; managed to hide this secret: no one knows who is here. And we all eat at the same restaurant.

   As a premium product with all subscriptions and a 10-year plan, Otani holds all the cards, so you can make all the requests you want and access this level of privacy to make decisions you want to work on.

   It became a key factor in his career with the Los Angeles Angels. Media situations during matches were very controlled, and questions from reporters were a variable that the team could not control.

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