Former Michigan Football Linebackers Coach Issues powerful Statement Regarding His Firing

Michigan Wolverines Former Michigan football coach Chris Partridge was fired a day after coach Jim Harbaugh received a three-game suspension from the Big Ten a week ago. 

   Michigan announced in an official statement that Partridge had been fired, but the university did not provide any additional explanation as to why he was fired. The university has not provided further information, but some reports say Partridge destroyed evidence to protect former UM employee Chris Stalion during the NCAA investigation.

   On Monday, Partridge issued a lengthy statement seeking to explain the circumstances of his firing.

   With the utmost respect and consideration for the guys on the 144 team, I waited to make this announcement so that the team would not suffer any more as they accomplished their goal of defeating Ohio State and completing the season undefeated. Unfortunately, the way I was fired as Michigan State’s coach was a mistake, leading people to suspect and speculate about my knowledge and connection to autograph theft allegations in the football world. program I want to be clear. He didn’t know how to properly, or legally, investigate illegal trademark theft. Furthermore, I have not dismissed the evidence relating to the ongoing investigation.

   As Michigan Athletics Director Warde Manuel explained in person on the morning of November 17, 2023, and in a termination letter signed the same day by Michigan Athletics Chief of Staff Doug Gnodtke, I was fired for these reasons: and failing to comply with the university’s order not to discuss the ongoing NCAA investigation with anyone connected to the Michigan football program. I pride myself on being a true coach to the athletes I coach. One of my most important values ​​is to be a source of support for all the student-athletes I am responsible for. He did not run away from that responsibility.

   Although I am deeply saddened by my decision to end my career at the University, his decision has not changed my continued love and support for Coach Jim Harbaugh, the coaches and players of Team 144. with the goal of competing at the national level. ! The NCAA’s investigation into the Connor Stallions-led sign-stealing scheme is not yet complete, but the Big Ten Conference announced there was no evidence head coach Jim Harbaugh was involved in the Stallion’s activities.

   Harbaugh himself was adamant from the start: Harbaugh will return to action this week as the Wolverines make their third straight trip to Indy to take another shot at the Big Ten Championship Game and finally make it four times in the College Football Playoff.

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