Schumacher gives Verstappen advice: “If he continues to do that, they will continue to win.” The secret of shining

In the history of Formula 1, Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s partnership is considered one of the most formidable and unstoppable combinations of car and driver. What exactly is the secret to maintaining this success?

Max Verstappen solidified his position as the third all-time career victory holder, tying with Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel, after clinching his 53rd win in Las Vegas.
Ralf Schumacher, an ex-F1 driver, believes that Max Verstappen could continue his successful streak for the rest of his career, with only Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton having won more races.
Red Bull is feeling the heat. The other teams are drawing nearer. That adds some excitement to the whole situation. In his Sky Sport column, he wrote, “We’ve only got one race left to go – Abu Dhabi. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Schumacher asked, “For how much longer does Newey want to keep going?”
Red Bull is on the verge of being caught by Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes in the near future. However, Schumacher believes that there is one key aspect of the team that sets them apart.
Adrian Newey, the iconic designer, has renewed his contract with the team, stating his strong motivation to continue for as long as he can.

Schumacher writes that age and talent are absolutely important.
“But it all comes down to two things.” “How long does he want to race?” is question one.
The next question is: does he always have such a good car? I believe so for next year. It is imperative for Max [Verstappen] to ensure that Adrian Newey is well taken care of. They can keep winning as long as he continues to do so.

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