Tigers: Why Jason Benetti left White Sox booth for Detroit Tigers

Tigers: Why Jason Benetti left White Sox booth for Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are looking to improve upon their 2023 MLB season. The Tigers took a step in the right direction from their 2022 season after finishing at 78-84, but the team failed to make the playoffs. As MLB Free Agency heats up, the Tigers received a standout off-the-field acquisition in Jason Benetti. The shocking Jerry Reinsdorf reason for Benetti’s Chicago White Sox broadcasting departure was recently revealed.

The Tigers are ecstatic to have Jason Benetti, but rumor holds that Jerry Reinsdorf was not a big fan

The reason for Benetti’s departure to the Tigers was recently discussed on the Parkins and Siegel Show:

“Jerry (Reinsdorf) doesn’t like his broadcasting…He doesn’t think he’s funny. He’s wrong about that because he’s objectively hilarious,” the radio broadcasters said via 670 The Score.

Listeners of White Sox games will admit that Benetti was silly at times, but his knowledge of the game of baseball and the way he kept viewers engaged was outstanding. Fans are divided on Reinsdorf’s alleged thoughts.

One X user claimed, “He regularly went on 5 to 10-minute ramblings that had zero to do with games. And his constant attempts to make the most routine plays sound like Game 7 of the World Series is a habit he’s never grown out of. Great guy, bad PR move, but not the world’s best broadcaster.”

Another user’s opinion differed. “Jason is hilarious…his chemistry with [White Sox announcer Steve Stone] was so engaging.”

Regardless of the public dissent, Benetti has a new home on a multi-year contract with a great organization. Perhaps his unique play-by-play style will give the Tigers the energy they need to make a run for the MLB Playoffs.

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