Latest speculation suggests that the Red Sox might miss out on their top choice in free agency.

It’s possible that Boston won’t be able to sign one of its top free agent choices after all.

The Boston Red Sox

The Philadelphia Phillies
It’s possible that the Boston Red Sox will not be able to sign one of their top picks in free agency.
Boston, along with numerous other clubs this offseason, is seeking to make significant enhancements to its starting rotation. The Red Sox are reportedly interested in adding two top-tier pitchers to their roster and have been connected to Philadelphia Phillies ace Aaron Nola. Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports reports that although there has been speculation about Nola leaving, it now seems increasingly probable that he will stay in Philadelphia.

According to Nightengale, negotiations between the Phillies and Aaron Nola have picked up speed recently, leading to strong hope that a deal will be reached before the winter meetings. Nola’s initial request was for a seven-year contract worth $210 million, while the Phillies were proposing a six-year agreement for approximately $150 million. Nola is communicating his desire to stay with the Phillies, and they are close to reaching a compromise.

Nola ranks among the best starting pitchers on the free agent market. Since his debut in 2015, he has proven to be one of the most reliable right-handed starters in the National League, and is now set to sign a huge contract. At just 30 years old, he had a challenging 2023 season but bounced back with a strong performance in the postseason.

Boston should look to acquire several new starters during the offseason, but it seems unlikely that Nola will be available as an option. Other players, such as Minnesota Twins pitcher Sonny Gray, Orix Buffaloes standout Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Texas Rangers left-hander Jordan Montgomery, are also available. If Boston wants to improve the rotation, it will have to be willing to spend some serious money.

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