Eastern Ontario youth hockey player saved by neck guard

Eastern Ontario youth hockey player saved by neck guard

The overseeing body for beginner hockey in eastern Ontario says a young hockey player was saved by a neck monitor subsequent to being cut by a skate at a hockey game this week.

The directing system for Hockey Eastern Ontario(opens in another tab) presented on friendly media(opens in another tab) on Nov. 15 that a player was cut by a skate in the neck at a U16AAA game on Tuesday.

Fortunately, he was wearing a neck gatekeeper or this might have been a lot of more terrible,” the tweet by the HEO directing system said.

“This can happen any night in any arena. Defensive gear matters for everybody.”

The passing of previous Pittsburgh Penguins player Adam Johnson in Britain has reignited discussions around neck watches in the NHL.


Johnson passed on after a skate sharp edge cut his neck in a game the week before. Accordingly, the English Ice Hockey Affiliation will require all players in Britain to wear neck monitors beginning Jan. 1, 2024.


The Western Hockey Association has additionally commanded neck monitors. A neck monitor command is now set up for the Ontario Hockey Association and the Quebec Significant Junior Hockey Association.


There is no order for the defensive hardware in the Public Hockey Association (NHL).


Ottawa Congresspersons advances Claude Giroux and Josh Norris(opens in another tab) were seen willfully wearing dark neck watches during a game against the Tampa Straight Lightning on Nov. 4.

The Legislators have experienced wounds connected with skate cuts previously. In 2013, Erik Karlsson was cut by a skate sharp edge that serious harmed his Achilles ligament, requiring a medical procedure.

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