In a scathing response to Las Vegas, Verstappen said, “You look like a clown.” Following a proof

The World Champion is known for their views on the Las Vegas Grand Prix and believes that the pre-race opening ceremony was not worth it, considering it is not a sporting event.

   Max Verstappen characterized the Las Vegas Grand Prix as “more of a show than a sporting event” and expressed that the pre-race ceremony made him feel like a “clown.”
Before the usual media events, all 20 drivers headed to the grid for the pre-race ceremony. They were lifted onto platforms to greet the fans.
Verstappen was unimpressed by the event, and attendance was low. The World Champion reiterated his dislike for the event as a whole.

   Verstappen has strongly expressed his belief that F1’s presence in Las Vegas is primarily for entertainment, with sporting reasons coming second. He believes that 99% of the reason for the race taking place is for the purpose of providing entertainment.

   Verstappen delivers a scathing response
Verstappen informed the media, that the upcoming race is “99% show and 1% sporting event.”

   The track doesn’t really capture my interest, and I simply want to give it my all – no issue there – but it’s not exactly my cup of tea.
Whether or not I like it is not within my control, but I refuse to pretend otherwise.
“I just shared my thoughts on the good and bad stuff, that’s just who I am.”
While some individuals enjoy the show to a certain degree, I personally do not like it whatsoever.
I only saw things from a performance perspective as I grew up, and that’s still how I see it. I enjoy being in Vegas, but I’m not a big fan of the racing.

   Verstappen was also highly critical of the pre-race opening ceremony that occurred.
He stated that I could bypass all of these things.
“It’s standing up there all alone, making you look like a clown.”

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