Deion Sanders asks forgiveness for Rose Bowl theft suspects

Deion Sanders asks forgiveness for Rose Bowl theft suspects

Deion Sanders asked for leniency toward four Beaumont High School (California) students suspected in the Rose Bowl locker room heist that happened during Colorado’s game vs. UCLA on Oct. 28.

The Colorado Buffaloes coach addressed the matter during his press conference on Tuesday saying, “Let’s make sure those kids atone for what transpired, whether it’s community service or whatever it is, but they don’t lose the opportunities to change their lives.”

Sanders went on to say, “They’re kids. They made a stupid, dumb, idiotic mistake. When I was 17, 18, so did I. All right? So did you.”

At least three Buffaloes players had jewelry taken from their lockers, with others having Beats by Dre headphones and cash taken from them. The news of the robbery was first reported by Well Off Media, who was outside the facility at the Rose Bowl following the game. Some missing items had already been returned by mail to Colorado’s players. Other items were collected as evidence by Pasadena police detectives after search warrants were executed.

PPD confirmed that the four students were visiting on a recruiting trip. However, it’s not clear if this was tied to the bigger group on campus with the official visitors. Since the suspects are juveniles, there will be no information officially released naming anyone involved.

UCLA coach Chip Kelly echoed Sanders’ thoughts and also called for leniency towards the suspects.

“I’m in 100% agreement with coach Deion that this shouldn’t ruin their lives,” Kelly said. “You gotta let the judicial system take its course. But, you know, to ruin their lives? No.”

The Beaumont Unified School District issued a statement: “We are disappointed and disheartened to hear of the alleged involvement of Beaumont High School students in the incident at the UCLA-Colorado football game on October 28. We strive to promote strong character and integrity in our students, and the alleged actions do not represent our core values as a school, district, and community. While the students were not at the UCLA-Colorado football game as part of a school-sponsored event, the District is cooperating fully with the Pasadena Police Department’s investigation.”

UCLA provides security to the home and visitor locker rooms during games at the Rose Bowl. However, if the suspects were given all access passes to be on the sidelines, they could’ve easily been granted access to the locker rooms as well.

Sanders isn’t placing blame, but rather, asking for understanding and forgiveness. “Let’s pray for those kids and lift them up, and hopefully and prayerfully, they get another opportunity,” he said.

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  1. Hmmm..hope that coach that dissed Prime sayong hes not a leader reads this. He not only leads players, but a nation
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