Hamilton celebrates the ‘incredible’ expansion of F1 in the United States.

In recent years, Formula 1 has experienced a significant surge in the United States. This weekend, the third race of the season will take place in Las Vegas, and Lewis Hamilton has praised the growth of the sport in the country.

Lewis Hamilton praised the advancements Formula 1 has achieved in the United States in the past few years.
The third Grand Prix of the year in the US will take place this weekend, with the race set to speed around the iconic Las Vegas strip.
The popularity of F1 in the US has surged in the past few years, partly due to the influence of Netflix’s Drive to Survive docuseries.

The sport’s image in the country suffered after the well-known 2005 US Grand Prix, where only six cars began the race because of worries about the Michelin tires.
Having seemingly established a strong presence in the US, F1 now has Hamilton’s idea to ensure that it maintains its grip on the market.

Hamilton emphasized the importance of staying connected with the outside world and increasing accessibility, as he expressed to media,
In the past, whenever I visited the States, such as in 2007 for the first time, and for many years after, each time we arrived for a race that may or may not have actually taken place, I would always find myself having to explain things repeatedly.

   I found it difficult to grasp the passion Americans have for sports when I attended NFL and NBA games. It seemed like they hadn’t caught the same sports bug that many of us had when we were younger.
It has been absolutely incredible to witness the widespread discussion of this issue throughout the entire country. It’s great to see that everyone wants to be a driver now that people own simulators!
Exciting racing is crucial for fans.

Hamilton emphasized the importance of F1 ensuring close competition at the front of the field in order to maintain fan engagement during Red Bull’s dominant campaign.
We need to keep considering what comes next. He said that having the three races in such a large nation is incredibly beneficial.
“We need to focus on improving the competitiveness of our sport to keep the racing close. Social engagement has taken a significant hit this year, and we have to address this issue within our sport.” Therefore, it has clearly had a significant impact on competition.
People have a desire to witness that. It’s crucial that we ensure the right decisions are being made, either by us or the governing body, in order to maintain close and exciting racing until the end. We require additional grandstands.

I’m not sure if we should reduce the cost, maybe we don’t need to, I’m not sure.
“Considering how we can truly make a lasting impact in every place we visit.”

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