Mercedes outline ‘trip into the unknown’ Las Vegas concerns


Mercedes is warning that the Las Vegas Strip Circuit’s inaugural Formula 1 race next weekend carries uncertainties.

Mercedes has expressed worries leading up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix next weekend, which is the second-to-last race of the Formula 1 season.
The team from Brackley is coming into this round following a disappointing performance in Brazil, where they secured eighth place and had both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell retire due to the W14’s vulnerabilities being exposed.

   The F1 race in Las Vegas will mark the return of the Grand Prix to the city’s schedule. The race will take place on a Saturday night, making it the first Saturday race since 1985, and will feature the cars speeding down the iconic strip.
The action will start in cold temperatures due to all sessions being held after sunset, which could make it difficult for drivers to get tire grip.
Teams will be challenged by the chilly weather as they familiarize themselves with the circuit for the first time.

“Journeying into the Mysterious”
According to Riccardo Musconi, the Head of Trackside Performance at Mercedes, all teams are embarking on a journey into uncertainty in Las Vegas.
“I tell you, it’s a whole new ball game,” he exclaimed.
We have made an effort to collect as much information as possible, just like I’m sure every other team has.
We have track models in the simulator, along with additional information and pictures of the tarmac and more.

The weather will also have a significant impact. In Vegas, it gets pretty chilly this time of year, especially with the late-night events.
Our tyre selection will be the softest available.
“That adds a whole new layer to the problem.” Every team will inevitably venture into the unknown to some extent due to the lack of previous data.
We need to thoroughly prepare the factory for multiple dimensions and aspects, requiring more work than our usual track preparation.

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