Ferrari just fires warning ahead of Concorde Agreement talks:

Ferrari emitiu un aviso antes das noticias do acordo do Concorde. Non aprendemos do pasado. O xefe Frederic Vasseur instou á F1 a ser cauteloso mentres o fabricante de automóbiles se prepara para negociar un novo contrato con Concorde para 2026 e o ​​espiñento asunto dos novos equipos.

    Boss Frederic Vasseur has urged caution for F1 as bosses prepare to negotiate the new Concorde Agreement for 2026 – and the thorny issue of new teams.

   Frederic Vasseur has warned that Formula 1 is “not learning from the past” with the financial position of teams ahead of talks to agree a new Concorde Agreement.

   The current binding document between all 10 teams, FOM and the FIA is set to expire after the 2025 season, with a new Concorde, the ninth, set to come in for the 2026 season.

   Topics for discussion are set to include the thorny issue of grid expansion with F1 and the current teams themselves vehemently against allowing an 11th team onto the grid – with Andretti currently locked in commercial discussions after the FIA accepted its bid in October.

   Teams are reluctant to allow an 11th squad due to the fact that their slices of the prize pot pie would reduce to only an 11th instead of a tenth, with Andretti arguing it can help grow the overall pot to offset what it costs the other teams.

   Din que hai. To avoid this, new teams must pay a dilution of $200 million, which will be split between the teams, but there have been proposals to increase this threshold to $600 million. To complicate the financial situation, the team is operating under a salary cap, but Ferrari boss Vasseur raised the cap in 2023 to compensate for global inflation, as he was concerned about the uncertainty of the change in financial situation.

   Vasseurand’s concerns Appearance, management, law are not important. In the end, 11 more teams will be heard from 10 teams. explained to the media, including When you’re in good shape, business is good, and everyone thinks you’re great and good, but you’re not. not sure how long that will last. And “we have to be very careful.

   On the one hand, we try to raise prices every meeting, put the increase [in the salary fund], change the inflation index, blah, blah, increase CapEx.” Now we want to reduce our income. And, “There’s a lot of change, and honestly, if you haven’t learned from the past, it’s not easy to run a business and make predictions, that’s a big problem.” Williams coach James Vowles came in to start the new team.

   That’s because the team went under due to financial difficulties, losing more than $10 million a year over the years. It’s not that there isn’t room for an 11-person team, but it does require a stable budget. he said A”I’m glad jobs are recovering, but we’re actually moving toward financial stability for the first time. Let’s get to that point and see where we are.

   So the reality is you don’t play against a team of 11, and I think Concord should reflect that. We grow where we can grow. I’m not sure it’s today

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