Organizers hint a potential agreement regarding the extension of the Italian and Emilia-Romagna GP.

Both the Italian and Emilia-Romagna Grands Prix will remain fixtures on the Formula One calendar until at least 2025. Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of the Italian Motorsport Federation, has confirmed that the contracts have already been extended.

   The head of the Italian motorsport governing body has suggested that a deal to keep hosting two Grands Prix in the country until 2030 is close.
In 2020, F1 made its comeback to Imola after a 14-year absence due to COVID-19. The race has been a regular fixture on the calendar since then, except for 2023 when it was cancelled due to severe flooding in the area.
With the exception of 1980, Monza has hosted the official Italian Grand Prix every year of the World Championship. Both Monza and the Italian Grand Prix have contracts that are scheduled to conclude after the 2025 season.

   Angelos Sticchi Damiani is eager for both deals to be renewed soon, as no concrete agreements have been signed yet. He hopes to keep both venues on the calendar, with Imola keeping its Emilia-Romagna name.

   Negotiations are currently underway.
Both Monza and Imola GPs in Italy have reached an agreement to extend their racing presence for an additional five years.
It would be a monumental achievement for our country to host two Grands Prix annually until 2030.
Our goal is to have a pre-contract signed before the end of 2024.
The situation at Imola is more clear as we are in the process of modernizing the paddock, which includes installing new roofing for the garages and constructing a new paddock club structure.

   The unique aspect of Monza lies in the fact that the circuit is situated within a park, which introduces additional regulations for any modifications. As a result, it is necessary to engage in conversations with the local municipality of Monza, as well as the city of Milan and the Lombardy region, in order to address and implement any necessary alterations.
Damiani stressed the need for “certainty” during the upcoming races with the FIA presidency election, the upcoming Concorde Agreement, and a growing interest from numerous countries in hosting a race.

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