Which Player Will Win Everyone a Free Taco?

Which Player Will Win Everyone a Free Taco?

Kerry Miller: Corbin Carroll

First things first, not everyone wins a free taco. Only “Taco Bell Reward Members” win a free taco. And I don’t know why anyone needs to be a reward member to spend $4.20 on the occasional fourth meal.

But I digress and will go with the glaringly obvious choice of Carroll. The Diamondbacks rookie had more than twice as many regular-season stolen bases as anyone else playing in this series, and he just stole a pair of bags in the Game 7 win over Philadelphia.

Joel Reuter: Corbin Carroll

The first player to step into the batter’s box in Game 1 will almost certainly be the NL Rookie of the Year front-runner, who is hitting .295 this postseason and racked up 54 steals in 59 attempts during the regular season.

What better way to set the tone for the series than with a leadoff single and an immediate steal of second base?

Brandon Scott: Corbin Carroll

Only three players had more stolen bases than Carroll’s 54, and he was only caught stealing five times. He had two stolen bases in the NLCS with four this postseason, which is tied for second.

Zach Rymer: Christian Walker

There are the logical answers to this question, such as Carroll, Geraldo Perdomo, Marcus Semien and Leody Taveras. And then there are the fun answers to this question, such as Walker.

Even if he isn’t as hefty of a lad as our taco hero from last year’s World Series, he’s still primarily known as a slugger. But he’s also quietly 15-for-15 stealing bases between the regular season and the postseason, so my stance is that he already owes me a taco.

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