Piastri recognizes the butterfly effect which destroyed the Brazilian GP

The rookie rider was an innocent victim of the chaos at the first corner of the São Paulo GP, suffering injuries that ended his race. It’s something he pushed for in Friday’s qualifying. Oscar Piastri found that his qualification for the São Paulo Grand Prix was a factor when he was caught in a melee at Turn 1 that ended his race.
   In qualifying before the storm, Piastri skidded off the track at Turn 12, leaving himself with no time and 10th place after completing Q3. This left him vulnerable at the start as incident-hit Nico Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen and Alex Alboni all started directly behind the McLaren, with Magnussen Haas giving the rear of the MCL60 a push after he rattled off. in Alba.

   Piastri suffered damage to his rear wing and floor, although the team was able to repair it under the red flag and put him back in the race, albeit with one less lap, and what turned out to be a longer test session. Reflecting on his worst 14th and then Italy’s 12th, Piastri felt a mistake in qualifying did all the damage and that finish left him vulnerable. I hit the brakes in Turn 1 and then I looked in the mirror and I saw someone and a tire flying in the air and I thought it doesn’t look very good, Piastri spoke to media outlets, So yes, I was affected after that and it’s a shame and I couldn’t do anything [to prevent it]. But when you go into jobs like that, you put yourself in a lot more danger, so unfortunately it all started on Friday. I just tried to stay on top and learn as much as I could because it wasn’t the easiest weekend. 

   It was an amazing effort by everyone to put the car back together in 20 minutes, which was not easy. I got an extra 70 laps that I wouldn’t have otherwise, so I learned a lot. andquot;If I had started where Lando started, or started further, I would not have been [involved] in the accident.

   You have to try to put yourself in the best possible position and it’s no use blaming bad luck and not thinking about the things you can improve.andquot;

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