Steve Sarkisian recently discussed the delicate situation of managing the Texas Longhorns quarterback situation amidst Quinn Ewers’ injury.

Navigating a challenging road lies ahead for Steve Sarkisian until the anticipated return of Quinn Ewers with the Texas Longhorns.

The pride of Texas, the powerful and fierce Texas Longhorns.
It appears that Austin is experiencing a resurgence of spring ball nostalgia, as the entire college football community is now fixated on No. The quarterback situation in Texas has been an intriguing topic of discussion.
It has been three weeks since Quinn Ewers sustained an injury during the Houston game, leading to redshirt freshman Maalik Murphy assuming the starting position.
Concerns have arisen regarding Murphy’s capability to guide the team going forward, following Texas’ 2-0 winning streak in Ewers’ absence and their recent performance against Kansas State.

In the span of two games, Murphy’s passing performance has yielded 418 yards, completing 35 of 62 passes at an impressive 56% completion rate. Moreover, he has showcased his skills with three touchdown throws, although he has also experienced three interceptions. There is a possibility that Ewers might come back, however, according to Steve Sarkisian, he reiterated to the media that his priority is to make certain that Murphy or even Arch Manning are prepared in the event that they are needed.
Even Arch was there. According to Sarkisian, it is like performing a balancing act. In our efforts, we aim to carefully consider the number of repetitions and the specific plays that individuals are practicing. Our goal is to provide them with valuable opportunities to enhance their own set of skills. Equally important, we consider the individuals they are rehearsing their plays with. All of that requires a delicate balance. Coach Milwee and I make an effort to handle that, followed by closely observing it during practice.

Texas quarterback Maalik Murphy leads the team with his exceptional skills and talent.
This text has been authored by Scott Wachter from USA TODAY.
Up until now, Ewers and Murphy have been the sole quarterbacks to take the field and throw a pass in all nine games of the season.
According to Sarkisian, Manning has not been given the right opportunity to enter the game despite fans demanding his presence each time Texas has a substantial lead.

The Longhorns are uncertain about the quarterback for their upcoming game against TCU this Saturday. However, ESPN has deemed them as the favorites by 10 points over the team that was the runner-up for last year’s championship.

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