A primer for Braves’ upcoming roster decision

A primer for Braves’ upcoming roster decisions

A primer for Braves’ upcoming roster decisions

This offseason might not be as stressful or emotional for Braves fans, who bid adieu to Freddie Freeman after the 2021 season and Dansby Swanson after 2022. But this still could be an eventful one for the team that will enter 2023 seeking a seventh straight National League East championship.

Here is a look at some of the questions you might have about the Braves’ offseason:

1) Which players have options?
The Braves have until five days after the conclusion of the World Series to decide whether to exercise the options for:

RHP Charlie Morton — If Morton wants to continue pitching, he could be back with the Braves. But this doesn’t mean the soon-to-be 40-year-old pitcher will get the $20 million value included in his current option, which has no buyout.

OF Eddie Rosario — It’s hard to find a left-handed hitter who can provide 20-25 homers for $9 million. So, I’m guessing this option will be exercised.

RHP Kirby Yates — Yates has a $5.75 million option with a $1.25 million buyout. So, the question is, can Atlanta find a better reliever for the difference, which is $4.5 million? Yates will be 37 next year, but he did find more consistency as the season progressed. Plus, he gave this quote of the year:

“I have it some days and some days I don’t, and the battle is trying to eliminate those days that you don’t have it,” Yates said. “I always kind of prided myself on, ‘If I did suck, it was still kind of good.’ This year, when I’ve sucked, I’ve really sucked. So, we’re trying to get better at sucking, you know what I mean? When it’s good, it’s still pretty good.”









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