AD Red Bull FC fell to a 2-0

AD Red Bull FC fell to a 2-0

friendly loss to Team Lagos at the Agege Stadium. After the match, Sports247 caught up with Ifeanyi Lucky, the head coach of AD Red Bull.

In the chat, coach Ifeanyi spoke on his side’s defeat to Team Lagos and also shared the vision and operation model of his club.

He says AD Red Bull is not yet registered to league football and that the main purpose of the club is to create a platform where players showcase their talents.

“For now we are not playing in any league,” Ifeanyi told Sports247.

“We just finished the match with Team Lagos which we lost 2-0. We still have a long way to go which I think we’ll definitely get there.”

Ifeanyi reserved praise for Team Lagos, stating that he was impressed by the team.

Speaking on his club’s mode of operation, he said: “For now AD Red Bull is a traveling team. We currently have like 22 players in our books.

“We have a plan towards the middle of the year for a traveling tour. So for now that is our vision, traveling.

“Taking our boys out and let them showcase their talents. For now, that is the main reason for having this team.

Ifeanyi also revealed that a number of Red Bull’s former players are with clubs abroad and that he hopes to have more players in Europe with time.

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