The coach who appears to have been demoted is actually being prepared to replace Coach Prime

The coach who appears to have been demoted is actually being prepared to replace Coach Prime as the head coach of Colorado.

According to Denver Sports’ Jake Shapiro, there is a different perspective on the situation regarding Colorado football offensive coordinator Sean Lewis. Despite being demoted and now allowing quality and control coach Pat Shurmur to handle play-calling duties, it is possible that Lewis is not actually being demoted. Instead, there may be a plan in place to develop him further so that he can eventually take over as the head coach of the Buffs, succeeding Coach Prime.

According to Shapiro’s statement, it appears that Lewis is an integral part of the Buffs’ future plans, given their recruiting efforts. It was evident that he was being groomed as the successor if Prime chose to depart from his coaching position.
It remains unclear how the progress of that plan is going. Shapiro, however, attributes much of the blame for CU’s near-upset of USC on September 30 and the subsequent historic collapse against Stanford on October 13 at Folsom Field.

Shapiro began by stating, “Despite the overall satisfactory numbers in Colorado’s offense, signs of weakness began to emerge early on, particularly in their first loss to USC.” He further added, “Had Lewis not made a mistake, the Buffs could have potentially caused an upset against the Trojans.” In the realm of school sports, it was Lewis and Sanders who bore the weight of responsibility for the most memorable downfall against Stanford. An astonishing twist of fate unveiled as they managed to muster a mere seven points in the latter half, while their opponents, the Cardinal, triumphantly soared with 36.

Is Coach Prime departing from the Colorado football program?
Shapiro appears to imply that the grooming process for Coach Prime’s successor is already underway, although it may not be immediately evident. However, all the statements made by Deion Sanders about his sons Shedeur and Shilo suggest that they will spend another year in Boulder.
In an effort to back up this idea, Constance Schwartz-Morini, Coach Prime’s manager, expressed on The Rich Eisen Show numerous times that Sanders has no intentions of departing Colorado in the near future.

“He’s staying,” Schwartz-Morini stated, emphasizing the repetition by reiterating, “He’s staying. He is not leaving. The text is already written in a concise and effective manner. However, if you would like an alternative way of expressing it, here’s another possible rewrite: Ideal match. It appears that he is having an excessive amount of fun there. He has finally found the freedom to embrace his true self, fully immersed in the joy of operating his tractor and proudly donning his cherished cowboy hat.

Not only are Coach Prime’s sons involved with the Buffs, but his daughter Shelomi Sanders is also a valuable member of JR Payne’s women’s basketball team. Shelomi seems to play a crucial role in shaping the program’s culture.

For the time being, it seems that Colorado and Coach Prime are inseparable, much to the delight of Buffs fans in Boulder and beyond.

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