Sauber has provided a response to the speculations surrounding Audi’s potential exit from Formula 1.


Audi’s Formula 1 future has been surrounded by swirling rumours in the past weeks, sparking speculation about the brand’s potential withdrawal from the 2026 season. Sauber has now addressed the suggestions.

Sauber’s Managing Director, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, strongly affirms that Audi’s dedication to entering the Formula 1 grid in 2026 is unwavering. Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors floating around about Audi’s commitment to its F1 venture. This speculation started after the company’s announcement well over a year ago, confirming their participation in the sport once the new technical regulations take effect.
Audi’s impending arrival is expected to lead to its acquisition of a majority stake in the Sauber Group, currently in collaboration with Alfa Romeo.
Since the announcement of their F1 entry, Audi has been silent, with very little communication.

However, Bravi has come forward, stating that this is merely a gesture of respect towards Alfa Romeo, whose partnership with Sauber is set to end after the ongoing season.
Bravi, while addressing the media, emphasized Audi’s strong dedication to Formula 1, and naturally, this commitment is shared with Sauber.
This commitment is derived from a collective decision made by the Audi board, the Audi advisory board, and the Audi Volkswagen Supervisory Board. The decision is made collectively, and the commitment is evident.
The reason behind the lack of communication is quite straightforward. The Alfa Romeo F1 team is what we are.

Until the year’s end, there are specific restrictions on discussing the team, the future, and Audi’s involvement. We wholeheartedly respect Alfa Romeo for this.
We have no intention of making any sort of announcement or discussing anything beyond matters directly connected to the race and the championship.
As previously mentioned, the commitment is indeed present. We are putting in considerable effort to enhance the team’s structure.

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In anticipation of Audi’s arrival, Sauber has secured significant signings in the form of Andreas Seidl and James Key, both of whom recently left McLaren.
Bravi, however, clarified that Sauber’s recruitment process is not focused solely on high-profile acquisitions, as it prepares itself for F1’s upcoming phase in 2026.
He confidently stated that our recruitment plan is solid. James Key is just one example of our frequent new appointments on a weekly basis.
The involvement of Audi in financing the team or sustaining this development process is not the point.

We possess two owners and two shareholders, and a governance structure has been established for the various phases of the transaction that will be finalized before the 2026 season commences.
We are moving forward with the investment plan, ensuring that every step is aligned with the agreed governance.

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