Good news:Police recover some items linked to Rose Bowl theft

Police recover some items linked to Rose Bowl theft

Some of the possessions, including jewelry, that Colorado football players reported stolen after last weekend’s loss to UCLA at the Rose Bowl have been recovered, Pasadena, Calif., police said.

In a statement issued Friday, police said the recovered items had been returned to the players, but the search continues for the rest of the stolen goods. The items were located upon the execution of a search warrant, and the suspects in the case are juveniles, according to police.

The Pasadena Police Department would like to thank those who reported leads to our tip line,” the statement said. “The information and support are invaluable and play a crucial role in helping us ensure safety and security in our community. Our detectives worked diligently to follow up on all leads, which resulted in the quick execution of search warrants. The investigation will be ongoing.”

Earlier this week, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders called on the NCAA and the Rose Bowl venue itself to reimburse the players for their stolen jewelry and other items.

“NCAA, you do something about everything else,” Sanders said. “Do something about this one.”

Sanders said the Colorado program was putting together an accounting of all the items the players and staff said they lost.

“All that stuff should be replaced,” Sanders said. “This is the Rose Bowl. It’s at the grandaddy off them all, right? I’m sure grandaddy has some money. Grandpa should have some money to give these kids. I’m gonna have a list made out for these kids, and I know they’re gonna be truthful about what they lost so we can try to get that back for them. They may not be able to get the items back but we should be able to reimburse.”

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