Drastic coaching switch, the transfer of Star Colorado proves to be a clear factor.

Shedeur Sanders, a standout transfer from Colorado, played a prominent role in Coach Prime’s decision to make changes in the play-calling responsibilities of his Buffs coaching team.

   According to ESPN, this shift includes relieving Sean Lewis of his duties and entrusting offensive quality control analyst Pat Shurmur with the reins. However, this adjustment will also result in the departure of an on-field assistant.
According to ESPN, Colorado has relieved offensive coordinator Sean Lewis of his offensive playcalling responsibilities, while promoting analyst Pat Shurmur to assume the role of playcaller on the field. According to a source close to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg, Shurmur and Lewis have been appointed as co-offensive coordinators. In order to accommodate Shurmur, an on-field assistant will have to be relocated, while also providing assistance with the offensive line.

   Lewis appeared to be the chosen one to follow in Deion Sanders’ footsteps as the head coach in Boulder. However, the disappointing performance of the Buffs offense, only managing to score one touchdown and accumulate 16 points against UCLA, along with their previous game where they could only score six points against Oregon, resulted in Lewis being removed from his position as the primary play-caller.
However, what may be the reason behind it?
The urgency for Colorado football success heightens as Shedeur Sanders’ NFL journey unfolds.

   It is evident that Sanders will inevitably pursue a career in the NFL, just like his father. However, his potential earnings will greatly depend on the Buffs’ ability to improve their offensive line to give him a chance to flourish. Unfortunately, Sanders has been sacked a whopping 41 times by Week 9 of the 2023 season, thus hindering his showcase opportunities.

   In addition to the potential loss of earnings due to ongoing difficulties in pass protection, the Buffs star may also face the possibility of not immediately securing an NFL role if he fails to reach the esteemed status of being a “NFL first-round pick” during his time in Boulder.
Coach Prime is showing utmost seriousness when it comes to his son’s playing future, which explains why the coaching switch is deemed so urgent.

   When you consider him as a parent first and foremost, rather than solely as a head football coach at a Power Five program, it becomes understandable and forgivable. The way this move will be perceived by others will be determined by the outcomes of the final phase of the season.

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